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Stewart Wall


Stewart Wall

Houghton Hall Norfolk

After the street photography day in Norwich I drove 40 miles back home and parked up on the car park of The Anvil, a pub in the country for the night and had place and chips and a few pints of Adnams Broadside.

Mrs wall asked me how long I would be at Houghton Hall and I said not long, but I could have stayed weeks. So much to point my camera at…

Stewart Wall

Street Photography Norwich

I’ve not been to Norwich before but popped over to meet a group of photographers who are keen to get an East Anglia Region of the Royal Photographic Society Documentary group organised, something I wish them well with. Norwich proved a really interesting place to shoot the street.

I went to Norwich the other day, and met the members of the RPS Documentary Group (East Anglia region)
We had Adnams and cake
We had been walking the streets all morning
I had not met anyone before and everyone went off to their own thing, but I got talking to some of them. This lady was called Liz and she had just been made an associate of The Royal Photographic Society for her images of Cold War buildings
We stopped and photographed this march
they were members of the ‘Extinction Rebellion Norwich’ group campaigning for climate control
Norwich was busy, people swerved the Big Issue vendor
and musicians promoted their gigs
and some danced
not always to music
there were some tough looking guys in leather jackets with a soft little puppy who looked after their bikes
and I joined them for coffee, they recommended ‘Ruby’s bar
Ruby’s was in the market, which is one of the oldest markets in England
other businesses are moving online
I returned to my home on wheels, parked where 800 years ago the friars had lived for a century before moving south.
Stewart Wall