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Many years ago, in 1978, my Mother applied for a job for me on the Brentwood Gazette newspaper as a trainee photographer.

My interview was successful and a few days later it was the Easter holidays and so I took the job for something to do, I was still technically a schoolboy.

I loved the job and only returned to school to say I was not coming back, although 35 years later I did return to education, to study for a degree in design that finished in photography.

Between 2015 and 2019 I completed two years of a BA (Hons) in design at The University Centre at Grimsby, before switching to the final year of a BA (Hons) degree in photography at the University of Lincoln.

I also completed a Masters degree in Visual Communication at the University of Hertfordshire before returning to the University Centre of Grimsby at The Grimsby Institute to complete a 1 year post graduate level PGCE.

Throughout the courses I used street photography to develop theories of how we live together, in communities and at work. I produced a street photography book called The Kasbah to Central Hall during the BA (Hons) which documented the loss of industry and home in East Marsh, Grimsby, the book was requested by the British Library.


The famous photographer, Martin Parr recently said that to be a street photographer you need two things, a curiosity and an empathy towards other humans, I felt these two things during this project.


In a way I continued with the project about loss of industry and home with my Masters which I based a few miles up the road from Grimsby at a small market town called Caistor, and here I looked at something the American academic, Etzioni called  Communitarianism or ‘The Spirit of Community’. I worry about the future for our children as the artificial intelligence of the Fourth Industrial revolution replaces the human hand in many jobs, for example only yesterday (as I write this) I was being persuaded by a salesman to have a ‘smart’ meter fitted to our study electric supply, which means the job of the human meter reader will potentially vanish.

I am now happily teaching in community colleges and also run street photography workshops all over the country. In the image above I am a few yards from my own studio in Caistor in Lincolnshire, the town I based my master’s study on.


Street photography is fun and during the courses I look to give my students confidence to shoot safely, and an understanding of how they might to shoot, although I don’t try to suggest what people should shoot, that will come from your own interests, one student regularly set out to shoot red shoes.


I am very much a life-long student of photography and believe all students should be free to create their own journey and style.

As a teacher of photography I look to draw on my experience to point students towards doors of self-interest they might choose to walk through.

Let’s have fun shooting……..